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    Coronavirus rapid test at a private clinic in Budapest– results ready in 15 minutes

    Are you worried or would just like to know if you have come into contact with the virus recently? Do you feel like you had symptoms of the coronavirus recently? Would you like to find out if you have already had COVID-19?


    Why is getting a novel coronavirus test a good idea?

    Anyone can independently initiate a quick test. The infection can have very serious or only mild symptoms, but you may have even had it and been symptom-free. If you are concerned or would like to know whether you have come in contact with the virus recently or you had symptoms that suggest you were infected and thus, the presence of the virus in your system cannot be ruled out, then it is worth making an appointment for a serological test.

    The test will show whether or not your system has been through the novel coronavirus infection.

    What is the use of a coronavirus rapid test? How is infection determined? COVID-19 Test

    There are 2 reliable methods for testing coronavirus infection:

    1. PCR test

    This testing method is based on the identification of the pathogen based on the pathogen’s DNA or RNA found in the patient’s blood. The pathogen can often be detected at the beginning of the infection before COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibodies appear. This method requires professional laboratory equipment.

    2. Serological examination of antibodies/rapid test

    This type of serological test detects the COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibodies in human blood. It is a modern and reliable test which we can immediately provide.

    When the body is infected with the coronavirus, the body gives off an immune response to the pathogens, foremost by producing the above-mentioned antibodies and raising body temperature.

    Antibodies are a part of the immune system. Every antibody that is produced is unique so that it recognizes the specific structure on the surface of the pathogens. This structure is known as an antigen, and this antibody-inducing structure which connects to the antigen, neutralizes, damages, and then destroys it. The combination of the antibody and the antigen creates the so-called immune-complex which activates the functions of the immune system.

    Thus, this method does not directly search for the pathogen, but the antibody that the system produces against the pathogens. This test works based on the fact that COVID-19 activates the lgM and lgG antibodies that, together with the COVID-19 antigen, are present solely in cases of SARS-1, SARS-2 = COVID-19 and MERS.

    The ability to identify antibodies depends on the number of antibodies found in the human body. Naturally, this varies greatly based on the individual and depends on the health status, age, and immune system of the person who has been through the infection.

    Koronavírus gyorsteszt HIMG klinika

    When can coronavirus infection be detected?

    In the case of a coronavirus quick test, the level of antibodies can be detected from the 10th day following infection (it varies person to person). With complete certainty, it can be detected after 14 days. This is known as the window period. If the patient was infected within 10 days of the test, then the infection cannot or is less likely to be detected.

    How is a coronavirus examination done?

    The patient must arrive at the clinic for a previously set appointment. After this, following a short administration process, their finger will be pricked and with just a drop of blood, the quick test is able to determine if IgM and IgG antibodies were produced specifically against the coronavirus. The result can be detected from the test strip within 15 minutes, and we will notify our patients of these results immediately on-site.

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    How is a coronavirus quick test evaluated?

    1. IgM negative and IgG negative

    No unequivocal conclusions can be made, there are two possibilities: maybe the individual is not infected, but it is also possible that they are in the early stage of infection when the antimatter cannot be detected. This is the so-called window period.

    Task: Adherence to general rules and regulations and if quarantine is otherwise justified, then adherence to the rules of quarantine. The quick test must be repeated 2-4 weeks later by comparing the two tests, we can evaluate the situation.

    2. IgM positive and IgG negative

    It is highly likely that the patient is infected with the novel coronavirus.

    Task: Notify the patient’s general practitioner, who, based on the clinical status of the patient, will decide on whether the patient can be treated at home or if they are to be referred to the hospital with authority according to the rules and regulations currently in effect and which department of the hospital they are to be referred to. According to effective legal obligations, we will notify the public health authority.

    3. IgG positive, regardless of whether the accompanying IgM is positive or negative, the patient has recovered from the infection, according to our current knowledge they no longer pose an infection hazard to their environment.

    Task: Adherence to general rules and regulations. According to effective legal obligations, in this case, we will also notify the public health authority. Screening of the patient’s environment is justified, the public health authority will decide on the matter.

    How accurate are the results of the COVID-19 test?

    The tests detect over 95% of positive cases.

    It is recommended that you repeat the test after 2-4 weeks, in order to rule out infection with certainty. This is only possible if you stay at home for this period and do not have contact with others.

    Quick tests based on serological examinations provide results later, thus, they are not applicable for emergency situations, for example, if the patient is generally in bad conditions, they have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. In these cases, the general practitioner must be notified immediately over the phone and they will take further measures regarding the patient’s treatment according to the procedural regulations in effect.

    What about when the patient is not exhibiting symptoms or the disease is too mild for the test to detect it?

    If the patient has symptoms that point to mild illness and they do not know whether or not they are infected with COVID-19, they are most likely not going to seek out medical attention, thus, the disease will not be detected. When a serological test is used, the results are 95% reliable. If the test is repeated after 24-48 hours, the result can be better confirmed.

    The test is only a tool we can use, it is not a substitute for common sense. If the patient has reason to suspect that they have COVID-19, then they must act as though they are infected.

    Is the test a substitute for a medical examination?

    NO! If you suspect you are infected with the coronavirus and you have been to one of the infected areas or have been in contact with an infected person, always act as though you yourself are infected.

    Price of coronavirus test in Budapest

    The coronavirus quick test and price of testing:

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    19.900.- Ft / person Now: 14.900.- Ft / person – in case of 1 person
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    Coronavirus rapid test with immediate results in Budapest

    What do you have to do if you would like to take a coronavirus quick test?

    The evaluation of the test takes about 15 minutes.

    • Call the following number 8:00-18:00 on weekdays or weekends to book an appointment for your coronavirus test:

      06 30 207 4588

    • Write to us: info@himgmedical.hu
    • The address of the clinic:
      HIMG Medical
      Szegedi Út 56/2
      1135 Budapest

    To avoid long lines and crowds we request that you arrive on time and maintain a 2-meter distance from other people.
    Maximum 2 people may be in our office at a time, so please wait in the covered courtyard in front of the entrance or in your automobile if you arrive early.

    Family members may come at the same to be examined.

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    It is mandatory to wear a mask to enter the clinic premises and disinfect your hands with the hand sanitizer provided by the automatic dispenser at the entrance of the clinic!